Faculty and Staff


Dr. Wendy K. Lewis, Head of School

Dr. Wendy K. Lewis Head of School  

Brenda Kelly

Brenda Kelly Early Childhood Director  


Janie Bickford Registrar & Admissions Director  

Jack O’Connor Business Manager

Mary Ann Valadez

Mary Ann Valadez Administrative Assistant  

Kari Tjon

Kari Tjon Office Administrator 

Early Childhood


Fatema Ludhi

Fatema Ludhi Sweet Peas  

Maritza Mendosa Sweet Peas


Cathryn Andrews

Cathryn Andrews Buttercups  

Chelsea Perdomo Buttercups


Olga Pond

Olga Pond Tiger Lilies  

Delma Duran Tiger Lilies


Michelle Adams Marigolds

Substitutes Marigolds


Maria De Leon

Marie DeLeon Daisies  

Taryn Kelley

Taryn Kelley Daisies  

Linda Yorlano

Linda Yorlano Periwinkles

Jautanne sinbranch

Jautaunne Mack-Robinson Periwinkles


Judy Miles

Judy Miles Sunflowers  

Marilyn Faiola

Marilyn Faiola Sunflowers  

Gissela Nader

Gissela Nader Stargazers  

Claire Burkholder Stargazers

Early Childhood Enrichment & Extended Day

Janet McBryde

Janet McBryde American Sign Language, Chapel, Library, Spanish Chess Club Sponsor  

Tessa Wahing

Tessa Wahing Music & Movement  

Kari Tjon

Kari Tjon Extended Day Receptionist  

Rita Reynaldo

Rita Reynaldo Lunch, Extended Day  

Stacey Crowe Lunch, Extended Day


Marie Teahen

Marie Teahen Kindergarten



Amy Messina 1st Grade


Caleb Butiko 2nd Grade

Judith Arnold 3rd Grade

Ellen Hamm

Ellen Hamm 4th and 5th Grades


shawn scoggins

Shawn Scoggins 6th and 7th Grades

Janet McBryde

Janet McBryde American Sign Language & Bible

Gissela Nader

Gissela Nader Spanish  

Margaret Sortino

Margaret Sortino Elementary Aide  

Kari Tjon

Kari Tjon Art

Tessa Wahing

Tessa Wahing Music & P.E. Chorus Sponsor Private Music Lessons