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School Choice Rally: SUCCESS

Our adventure to Austin was a resounding success! All went well on our trip, and it was a wonderful experience for our kids! We left bright and early, or as I drowsily stated, dark and early. The sun had yet to rise, but the excitement coming from the children as they climbed onto the huge bus was enough to brighten any sleepy eyes. The road trip itself was filled with giggles and smiles, though a few people took advantage of the 2 hours to get a little extra shut-eye.

When we arrived in front of the Capital building we were greeted by some brisk 35 degree weather! We scrambled to get coats zipped, scarves wrapped, and mittens distributed. There were already many children on the lawn of the capital building, all wearing the School Choice scarves. We made our way to the stage to take our places. Twelve of our students took a seat on the stage, ready to lead the Pledge of Allegiance for the whole rally. Meanwhile, our kids stayed warm by joining the stage dancers in their practice. Soon, cameras were rolling, speakers were taking the mic, and we were dancing away with hundreds of other schools. Our students did a great job representing our school.

We even got to hear from Senator Ted Cruz and meet him afterwards! After a great rally, we went into the capital building to explore. We saw oil paintings of senators over several floors, beautiful architecture, and the House of Representatives meeting room. We talked about different government offices, what it means to be a Senator, what a bill is and what the process for passing one looks like.  The children loved seeing all of these things and more!

After our tour, we went outside into some now not-so-cold weather. It was perfect for a lunch on the lawn. We all ate our meals and the children played in the grass. Before long, it was time to pile back into the bus, and home we went. Quite a few of us dozed off, worn out from the day. But what a great day it was! Our trip went without a single hitch! It was a wonderful opportunity to participate in our government and share our voices. The children got to see where a good deal of legislation takes place in our state and learn a little about how our government works. They got to listen to a Senator speak and shake his hand. They got to lead the pledge of allegiance on stage for all the hundreds of people present. They got to dance and be interviewed and even be on TV! Our school was blessed with a lot of recognition through this event, including being mentioned in the Houston Chronicle. It was a new and exciting experience for all of us; a resounding SUCCESS! Thank you to all the staff and parent chaperones who made it possible! What do we want? SCHOOL CHOICE! When do we want it? NOW! God bless America!


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